Personalized Coaching

Each training session you will know the intention, the WHY you push hard or go easy toward a targeted intensity. You will have the necessary progression and recovery of training stress so you see results of adaptation, respond and thrive.  

You will learn and develop nutrition strategies that work for YOUR body. What would it be like if you didn’t worry about whether it was too much, not enough or not the “right thing”?  

What if you could just feel good?  

You will finally become intimately familiar with recovery strategies that signal to your body to adapt to and release stressors.  From mobility practise, heat and cold therapy to moving lymph our recovery expert Ann Green brings cutting edge science so you reduce chronic inflammation. 

Move from plateau to performance.  

Bring back your joy in sport; the nervous wonderment of can I do this? 


Countless times from local 5km road races to world triathlon 70.3 championships I have affirmed YES YOU CAN!

Check out what Team Element Athletes are Saying!

Liz Tierney

"I have had the great fortune to train, grow and be empowered as an athlete with Element Sports Coaching. Tenille Hoogland brings a wealth of experience and knowledge as a professional elite athlete and coach. Tenille and her team provide tailored coaching no matter the level of achievement the athlete wants to achieve and are supportive from all aspects. They provide specific information about nutrition, sleep, strength and mobility as well as training programmes in various sports based on your goals as well as the data each training session provides. 

This holistic  approach includes opportunities to meet and talk with other athletes, be part of engaging and informative workshops as well as conference with a coach to share your successes and challenges and plan your next steps.  As a menopausal women I found it extremely helpful to learn how changing hormone levels affect all aspects of your physical, mental and nutritional health.  I learned to maximize my training sessions, fuel and hydrate properly as well as recover and rest to minimize injury."

Marlo Tadashore

"As a physiotherapist I do have some background and insight however sometimes you really need a new voice and perspective. Tenille’s approach to coaching encompasses all the aspects one needs to keep the air in the tires so you can train consistently, effectively, but most importantly, to still be very present in your everyday life.  Her approach to “mindset, nutrition, training and recovery” is not only supported by her ongoing efforts to find the latest research; it is delivered effectively, supportively and confidence inspiring.
After only 7 months with Tenille and Team Element my overall fitness and strength has improved. I am slowly building running back into my regimen, but in the meantime, I have seen significant improvement in my cycling fitness and technique.  As a result I was recently able to complete and really enjoy a crazy fat bike race I never would have dreamt of just a few months ago."

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The Cornerstones of THAA


What are your values? How do you create lasting change? Developing your mindset toolbox is the gateway to your fullest athletic potential both now and for the long-term.  Together we work to harness the power of emotions, build mental resilience and live fully in the present.


Nutrition can feel like an overbearing complex science that is frustratingly hard to figure it out for your body. Gut health. GI issues. Supplements.  We break it down step by step starting with your physiology, beliefs and taste preferences.  Using evidence-based science, you learn how to fuel your body for health and performance every day.


Training programs include daily prescription to build your cardiovascular fitness, physical strength, mobility and even skill in sport. It is all integrated so you are always building toward your goals cohesively.  For each element of training, data can be analysed and interpreted; skills are developed through feedback by expert eyes -- so you have the best program to meet your needs, where you are at.


Recovery is where the gains of hard work are made. Led by strength and mobility expert, yoga teacher of teachers and professor of pathophysiology Ann Green leads us in a deep understanding of breath, mobility and lymph systems. From sleep, circadian and infradian rhythms, recovery treatments and modalities, work/rest ratios of intervals, to your annual training plan that works to your life and sport goals; we guide you to where magic happens - recovery.